The Impact

Chicks For Charity continuously lends to individuals around the world through an organization named Kiva. Kiva is an Micro-lending organization that allows people like you, to help others all over the world (go to for more information). 100% of profits are lent to women, education, and health in developing countries. By purchasing a chicken from Chicks For Charity you are supplying someone with the necessities for survival and success. 

Chicks For Charity recognizes that while women are one of the groups most in need of help, our mission is to make the largest impact on as many people as possible. 

Over the course of five years, Chicks For Charity has raised over $2,000, loaned over $5,000 (through multiple cycles) reaching 43 countries and contributed to everything from a new sanitary system for a village in Thailand, to supplying farm animals to women in Kenya.