Chicks for Charity’s mission is to provide economic opportunities for women, improve health conditions for struggling communities, and provide education for less fortunate individuals, all through micro-loans.

How it started

Chicks for Charity was born when a sewing hobby and a fifth grade class project collided. With the help of a free summer, a sewing machine, and a lot of passion, Chicks for Charity had its first event at a local restaurant in 2017. 

where it is now

Through unwavering dedication, to date Chicks for Charity has sold over 600 hand made chicks at farmers markets, restaurants, and neighborhood events. This effort has generated not only an immediate monetary impact but also motivated other young women and introduced the concept of micro-loans. 


To date, Chicks for Charity has made 150 loans to women and children in 43 different countries. Some of the loans include, a woman in Kenya expanding her farm, and a women's group in Thailand financing their village's sanitation system. Through original loans and recycled repayments, the total financial impact is currently $6,000